About Airaa Academy

Airaa offers quality education to children based on the Montessori method that is deeply rooted in the spirit and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and aims to promote excellence in academic learnings. Airaa is an extension of Prayag Montessori (www.prayag.in), which is based in Bangalore. Children in the age group of three to six years become physically independent and learn to understand and respect each other’s workspace in a Montessori environment. Students in the Elementary phase are aged between six to twelve years. At this stage, they strive for intellectual independence. Their curiosity to know ‘how’ and ‘why’ about everything around them, reflects their excitement for learning and exploration. Soon they realize that the world is an enormous and intriguing place. This curiosity makes them want to study continents, cultures, scientific concepts and language. This is when the world becomes their classroom.

At Airaa, we believe that academic excellence is of limited use unless a student develops in a holistic way. This can be achieved only through substantial exposure to music, sports, culture and arts. All these aspects form an integral part of our curriculum. The Elementary Montessori program is a highly individualized program, based on developmental needs common to the age group of six to twelve year old students. The curriculum helps to enable them through the scientific method of cataloging, identifying, classifying and researching all the minute details. It also helps them to understand all the amazing and fascinating concepts in field of study that they choose. The areas of Practical Life, Language, Math, Geometry, Botany, Zoology, Geography, Art and History are all represented in the classroom with materials that lead the student from concrete to abstraction of the fundamental concepts in each area. The result of this approach leads to an open-ended mind with a capability of thinking creatively. This Elementary Montessori is then blended with the CBSE board from Grade 6 all the way to Grade XII.


Our Chairman & Director, Mrs. Amitha Prashanth is a Graduate from Bangalore University. She has majored in Child Psychology and has a Diploma in Business Management. Her husband Mr. Prashanth Prakash is a venture capitalist. He is also the founding partner of Accel Partners.

Amitha received her Montessori training under Mrs. Meenakshi Shivaramakrishnan, the Secretary General of the Indian Montessori Centre, who is lovingly called as the ‘Indian Maria’. After completing her course successfully, Amitha started Prayag Montessori - a place where children could get the nurturing and care that they had a right to (www.prayag.in). She then successfully completed her Montessori Elementary at Indian Montessori Training Centre (www.IndianMontessoriCentre.com) and is currently pursuing a Masters Programe on Inclusive Education of Children with Learning difficulties from the University of Northampton, as this subject is very close to her heart. Amitha is also the Co-Founder of Discovery Village corporate resorts for team building activities in Bangalore and Kabini. (www.discoveryvillage.in)
aboutmaria_banner Dr. Maria Montessori was born in Chiraville, Italy on 31st August 1870 and by 1896 Madame Montessori became the first woman to graduate from the University of Rome Medical School. Later, she joined the staff of the University Psychiatric Clinic. Dr. Maria was also the first Lady Doctor to Graduate in that era. As part of her work, she would constantly oversee children who had special needs. Soon she was convinced that these children, if given the proper tools, could also get an opportunity to learn. She studied the work of Jean Itard and Eduardo Sequin-Pioneers very closely in material-based studies for special children and started designing such tools for them. As a Director of the State Orthopaedic School in 1889, Dr. Maria Montessori prepared teaching material, made notes and observed them for two years. She was so astonished at how much these children could learn that she decided to devote all her energies towards education. She returned to the University of Rome to study Philosophy, Psychology and Anthropology. In 1907 a group of construction Engineers requested Madame Montessori for help in managing the children of the labourers so that the parents could go to work in peace and this resulted in “Casa- De- Bambini” i.e. “House Of Children”. She offered these children specially designed materials and was delighted with how they responded to sensorial materials, child-sized furniture. Their eagerness to learn was evedent. In response to the requests she started teaching reading and writing. She made sandpaper letters for them to trace and when they discovered the relationship of letters, sounds, writing and words to reading; the children become even more enthusiastic and excited about learning. Maria Montessori travelled all the way to India and was very touched by the intimacy of the Mother and child relationship in the Indian Society. She trained the Educators and supported the development of Montessori schools in many regions. Since then, her theories have played an important role in the child development sector in the educational field. Dr Maria Montessori’s theories have withstood the test of time. Even today, research continues to confirm many concepts and ideas initiated by this visionary leader.
montessori-methodThe Elementary Montessori Program is based on the developmental needs of children between the age of 6-12 years. This program is individualized to suit their needs. Parents who have enrolled their children in ‘Montessori Early Childhood Environments’ are now becoming enablers for making more Montessori Elementary programs available around the world. As Montessori grows worldwide, the demand for theoretical, administrative and class management instruction at the Montessori Elementary (6-12) level has increased drastically. The Montessori Elementary program offers numerous opportunities for the ongoing development of children who has been nurtured into the Primary Program. At this time, the child isHe is entering a new phase life. This imaginative, social, creative and curious child needs a planned environment and expansive course of study to support his growing independence and potential. The Montessori Elementary program is designed to meet the needs of children who are in this phase of development. Apart from shaping his knowledge and skills, this experience will also create a positive attitude about learning for the rest of his life. We, at Airaa Montessori Academy actively contribute in growing a community of Montessorians and participate in children’s journey towards learning. We believe that the most important relationship for a child is his relationship with learning and this is one more step in that direction.
  • Participation of parents in the school is very important. Parent visits and feedback are welcome at all times.
  • Children should always be dressed in a uniform.
  • The School may be closed when there are severe weather conditions or during any political or social bandhs.
  • Speaking to the adult/teacher at the time of dropping or while picking up your child or during school hours is not permitted. Parents must call the office and take prior appointment to meet the respective teacher.
  • Change in telephone numbers, address & email ID should be reported to the Office immediately. Your child’s safety in the event of an emergency/ important information could depend on the accuracy of this information.
  • Anything requiring our immediate attention has to be notified to the Office.
  • Once admission has been secured by paying the initial admission and term fees, there will be no refund.
  • Please check the child’s bag for circulars or last minute changes in plans.

Health & Safety

  • If your child is not feeling well please do not send him/her to school. This is a request from the Management and all the parents in general so as not to spread it to other children. A medical certificate may be required for re-entry to the school after a lengthy illness or a communicable disease.
  • Minor cuts or bruises are handled by the school’s staff and will be reported to the parent when the child is picked up.
  • If your child becomes sick during the day, the parent will be informed and if necessary, you will be required to arrange for your child to be picked up.
  • Accidents that require medical attention will be reported to the parent immediately and the management will work with you to get the best medical attention in the shortest possible time.
  • Do not make the child wear expensive jewellery to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss.

Field Trips and Picnics

  • Field trips will be scheduled on specific days. Parents will be notified well in advance. In case of illness please do not send your child to the field trip.
  • All children must dress up in their Airaa Uniform with socks and shoes for all kinds of outings.

Snacks and personal belongings

  • We believe that children need healthy food for their growth and development; hence snacks that are nutritious are always recommended. Please avoid chips and chocolates to school.
  • With regard to personal belongings of the child, the school will not be responsible for anything that is lost or misplaced. Parents are advised to label everything that the child carries, to avoid such losses.
dvk_7313-copyAiraa is a Montessori based elementary school with a vision to provide an environment that makes it conducive for students to learn and grow. The team is headed by our educationalist - Mrs. Amitha Prashanth, who has an experience of working with children for the past 15 years. She is also a Special Educator. Amitha is ably assisted by Mrs. Geetha Ramesh, her Vice-Principal who comes with an experience of nearly twenty five years in CBSC mainstream schooling. The team is comprised of trained Elementary Montessori adults with work experience of more than five years. They have two trained adults in an environment comprising of thirty children and offer Hindi, Kannada and French as a second language. All the language teachers have top qualifications and a high level of experience.