At Airaa

Airaa believes that extra-curricular activities lead to an overall development of children and helps them to learn to communicate with other children,
and learn to be social through activities and engagement. At Airaa, we have a host of extra-curricular activities which are conducted regularly.

Theatre class

"Theatre is progressively being recognised as an important tool in children’s education. There has been an increased scrutiny on how schools are helping to develop a child's creative mind and emotional intelligence. Theatre classes at AIRAA will address that aspect of the child's education.

The classes at AIRAA are designed to refine the aesthetics of the young minds and offer them a bird’s eye view of the various artistic options available to them. Aimed at enhancing the Social and Emotional Quotient of children, the team building classes will provide an environment where children will learn about cooperation, collaboration and will develop a sense of community. This will help the children to gain the maturity and tolerance to deal with varied perspectives and will in turn contribute to their overall personality development. The classes will also provide a perfect outlet for children to express themselves, help them overcome stage fear, develop their creative instinct, self confidence and self esteem and also get a better sense of motivation and drive for their goals. The curriculum ultimately aims at helping the children to discover and become the best version of themselves.

The theatre classes will be interspersed with sessions of poetry, drama, songs, dance, mime and craft classes. It will also offer a peek into the various folk arts, puppetry, rhythm classes and story telling sessions.

Karate class

School of Indian Karate is a traditional Martial Arts which is based on Kalaripayatu. Kalaripayatu is the mother of all marital arts.

The School of Indian Karate has had a rich and fruitful existence for the past 45 years. This school is successfully teaching the art of Indian Karate in and around Bangalore at nearly 45 centers across all age groups and have produced State, National and International Champions for past 16 years. The School has trained many professionals like Police Officers, Army Commanders, Doctors, Engineers, Naval Officers, Customs Officers, Professors and Software Professionals.

This art of Karate helps children in building good discipline, improves their concentration and mental alertness along with teaching them self defence and helps them in remaining physically fit.

Students will be learning fitness, basics and basic self defence techniques along with Katas (movements) at the Junior Belt Level.

Karate helps to build Physical Maturity along with mental maturity. Weaponary Techniques are introduced only at the Senior Belt Level. Advanced Self Defence Techniques will also be taught at this level.


Jumpbunch offers an instant value addition to a school’s PE curriculum with no additional investment from the school. We bring coaches, equipment, music and our own detailed curriculum. Our program builds confidence, coordination, team play and helps foster a positive attitude towards sport and fitness, making fitness a habit for life right from a young age.

Airaa has a tailor-made program to suit Indian requirements. Indian sports and activities have been added to the curriculum. We believe in giving the children the best sports experience. An active body leads to an active mind. We work on the belief that when children enjoy what they are learning, they tend to learn better and quicker.

At Airaa, we conduct two classes a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays. Children ger new experiences by learning to play the games, and most importantly, to play it right. The classese fulfill the children’s need for variety through experiencing and participating in individual games, team games, fitness activities and fun challenges.

We have detailed lesson plans that are age appropriate.


Yoga is the Science of right living and balance. If incorporated in daily life, it works on all aspects of the person - the physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual well-being.

The word ‘Yoga’ means ‘unity’. It means consciousness and awareness which can be practised right from an early age, to deal with the environmental pressure. Yoga at young age disciplines the body and mind, along with correcting one’s basic physical posture, can become ‘sadhana’ at a later stage in life. Our expert teacher at Airaa makes Yoga classes interesting and exciting to nurture young raw minds. Yoga at Airaa is playful as well as full of learning of Body Science.

Airaa promises that Yoga at early age will definitely create a harmony at bringing the different bodily functions into perfect co-ordination so that they work for the well-being of the entire body.